Healing the Digestive System With Enzymes

Enzymes are produced naturally in the saliva, stomach and the small intestine to help digest food faster and with less energy. It speeds up the digestive process and helps to extract the nutrients in the food.

When a body is functioning normally it will produce all the enzymes needed for this process. Unfortunately, it does not take much to upset the digestion system and reduce the production of enzymes. It could be many things including age, illness or a poor diet.

How do people know when they are not producing adequate digestive enzymes?

The first sign is often an unusual amount of illnesses. A high susceptibility to colds, infections or the flu occurs because the immune system is weakened when the body is stressed due to improper digestion and a lack of nutrition.

Bloating, heartburn and gas are common when the food remains in the stomach and intestines too long. Many will also suffer from weight gain, constipation, and headaches. In some severe cases, people may even experience joint pain and mood swings.

What can be done to increase the number of digestive enzymes in the body?

Eating healthier is a good start. Adding more raw foods and reducing the number of prepared meals and food that is high in sugar or fat will help. Supplements also provide benefits by adding enzymes immediately to the body.

A product like trienza works quickly because it contains multiple types of enzymes that aid in digesting protein, carbohydrates and fats and starches as well as many fruit and vegetables.

How are the supplements taken?

The product is available in tablets, capsules and a powder and should be taken with each meal. It can be chewed, swallowed or mixed into foods or beverages. Dosage information is included with the product, but it is recommended that people experiment to discover the amount that is right for them.

Enzyme supplements are safe to take every day or people can take them only when they feel they are needed. In many instances, the body begins to produce more enzymes of its own as it heals. Having the supplement available ensures it is possible to address the issue immediately if any digestive problems return.